Beam Me Up, Scotty!

The Apostle Paul assures us, “For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son” (Col 1:13). The Greek word for “transferred,” means “to carry across” or “to transfer location.” In Star Trek language, we have been “beamed up” from the darkness of earth to the kingdom of heaven!

The early church father Chrysostom was astounded by this truth, commenting on Ephesians 2:6, “Amazing how He has raised up the Church! As if He were lifting us by a machine, He has raised us up to a vast height and installed us on that throne. . . . If a diadem, a crown of gold, was placed on our head, would we not do everything that would seem worthy? But now, what is far greater, Christ is made our very head. . . . Conceive for yourself the royal throne; conceive of the excess of the honor!”

Think of that: “Conceive for yourself the royal throne!” Throne Life—we are beamed up to a life out of ourselves, beyond ourselves; not our life, but Christ’s life in us and through us. It is not we who lift ourselves, but Jesus Himself lifts us up to be seated with Him on the Father’s Throne.

We Are Lifted by the Death and Resurrection of Jesus . F.J. Huegel declares the ancient truth that the Cross of Christ is the Throne of God. Apostolic Father Ignatius of Antioch, writing about 107 A.D. to the church at Ephesus, built upon the Apostle Paul’s teaching to the Ephesians on the higher life nearly fifty years earlier. He declared, “You are stones of a temple, prepared beforehand for the building of God the Father, hoisted up to the heights by the crane of Jesus Christ, which is the cross, using as a rope the Holy Spirit; your faith is what lifts you up, and love is the way that leads up to God.” The term “hoisted up” translates the Greek term anaphero, which means “to carry up higher” to the heights.  He is saying that the work of the Cross, the atonement, carries us to a higher plane of life. In The Holiest of All, Andrew Murray explains:

  • “We have Jesus as our Forerunner into God’s presence, with all the power of His death and resurrection-life working in us, and drawing and lifting us with divine energy into the Father’s presence. Yes, Jesus with His divine, His heavenly life, in the power of the throne in which He is seated, has entered into the deepest ground of our being, where Adam, where sin do their work, and there is increasingly carrying out His work of lifting us heavenward into God’s presence, and of making God’s heavenly presence here on earth our portion.”

The divine resurrection energy of Jesus has beamed us up into the heavenly places at the throne of God. He has beamed us up to join the Round Table of the Heavenly King and the Heavenly Kingdom.  Come, join the King’s Round Table!


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